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IIDA Emerging Professional Award Deadline April 1

Designers in Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta and British Columbia are eligible to receive a $2,500 scholarship


IIDA Emerging Professional Award Deadline April 1

The new IIDA Emerging Professional Award seeks to expand the experience and leadership opportunities of budding professionals, encourage dialogue in the community and share knowledge from the interiors practice with members in the Northern Pacific Chapter. Through a $2,500 grant, the scholarship supports an educational experience for the purposes of research, community service, education or collaboration.

Proposals are due April 1. Criteria and application are available at The award will be announced at the IIDA Toast Event in May 2011. The award will be used between May 2011 and March 2012. A presentation will be made at an IIDA ongoing education event in April 2012, with a short final experience recap at the IIDA Toast Event in May 2012.

The IIDA Professional Award Committee requests proposals from qualifying individuals highlighting their plan and outlining their area of study and investigation. The proposed travel or study program must address the built environment and have relevance and application to design issues faced in our chapter’s region. Preference will be given to projects that produce a tangible product available to all chapter members, such as an exhibition, presentation, magazine article, program or publication.

Applicants must reside within the geographic territory of the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter and have been practicing interior design for 2-10 years. The IIDA Professional Award Committee will award grant funds based on proposals. Proposals should demonstrate the project’s creativity, feasibility, impact and outcomes.

Submittal guidelines are available for download the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter’s website.