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Designs for Dignity Needs Your Help

Nonprofit organization helps other nonprofits to restore beauty to their spaces


Designs for Dignity Needs Your Help

Nonprofits improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable in society—the child at a free daycare center; the abused woman receiving counsel; the elderly couple at a senior center. These organizations are important threads in our social fabric, providing services where traditional institutions have fallen short. But limited resources often prevent nonprofits from creating environments that preserve dignity for the people they serve. A daycare without carpet or a shelter with missing floor tiles becomes a dismal place.

Evidence shows that our surroundings influence both our thoughts and behavior, and that positive environments can impart a powerful sense of well-being. Designs for Dignity believes we can help nonprofits in their missions by restoring beauty to their spaces. We combine innovative ideas with donated materials—from gallons of paint and excess carpeting, to used and overstock furniture—changing these nonprofit spaces into more functional and nurturing environments.

Designs for Dignity transforms existing spaces for nonprofits who serve marginalized and at-risk populations in each chapter’s community. The nonprofits we partner with provide services to people working to overcome poverty, violence, addiction and discrimination. Through the generosity of skilled interior designers, manufacturers, and other professionals within the design industry, Designs for Dignity orchestrates the renovation process--from securing design services and building materials to managing the final installation.

Volunteering your time, money or materials makes an enormous difference in the lives of the people our nonprofit partners serve. We believe that when we use our talents for the benefit of others, we connect to something authentic and valuable within both the giver and recipient of that gift.

Designs for Dignity relies solely on funds from members, sponsors and fundraising events. We also depend on donated materials, as well as the time and talents of our volunteers. You can help us in our mission in several ways.  

Become a member
We rely largely on funding from private individuals who join our effort as members. Help advance our mission by becoming a member of Designs for Dignity today. Consider making an even greater impact by contributing at our leadership level. The generosity of our Dignity Circle donors enables Designs for Dignity to extend our capabilities to even greater numbers of organizations in need. 

Our organizational sponsors often contribute at greater levels than individual members, enabling Designs for Dignity to plan more projects on longer time horizon. Help us plan for the future by becoming an organizational sponsor. 

Volunteer your time
We’re always looking for talented, passionate people to help us with a variety of tasks, whenever you can contribute time. Help our mission by donating time to one of our nonprofit partners; by aiding us in inventorying and planning a project; or by signing up to greet attendees at one of our fundraising events throughout the year. 

Days of Service
Designs for Dignity engages manufacturers, vendors and volunteers to dedicate a day of service for one of our nonprofit partners. Our days of service have included painting, installing furnishings, performing inventory, and planting trees, flowers and shrubs at project sites. 

Volunteer your design talent
Take advantage of the opportunity to exercise your design skills for a good cause. Designs for Dignity is always searching for talented interior designers and other professionals within the design industry. 

Contribute excess materials
Our Sustainability Initiative aims to give excess design materials—discontinued floor models, samples, client rejects and project donations—a second life by integrating them into our projects. Help us keep these resources out of landfills by donating them to Designs for Dignity.

Learn more at the Designs for Dignity website.