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New USGBC Exhibit Explores Green Neighborhood Design

“Neighborhoods Go Green! Scaling up Sustainability” features LEED for Neighborhood Development projects


New USGBC Exhibit Explores Green Neighborhood Design

WASHINGTON D.C.—The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) “Neighborhoods Go Green! Scaling up Sustainability” exhibit has officially opened in Washington, D.C. The exhibit uses LEED for Neighborhood Development, the first comprehensive benchmark for green neighborhood design, as a framework to explore the key elements of a sustainable community. Co-curated by USGBC, the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) and Farr Associates, “Neighborhoods Go Green!” is on display at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

“’Neighborhoods Go Green!’ celebrates the projects around the world that are helping transform our neighborhoods into walkable, sustainable and economically thriving communities,” says Rick Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chair, USGBC. “The exhibit highlights the link between the importance of sustainability and the places where we all live and work.”

LEED for Neighborhood Development, launched in 2010, integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism and green building, while benefitting communities by reducing urban sprawl, increasing transportation choices and decreasing automobile dependence, encouraging healthy living and protecting threatened species. One hundred projects have completed at least one stage of certification in the pilot program and about 75 projects have registered under the recently launched program.

Featuring text, photographs and illustrations representing the features of a model green neighborhood, the exhibit showcases successful local and national LEED-certified projects, including Twinbrook Station in Rockville, Md., and Renaissance Place at Grand in St. Louis, Mo. Unique to the D.C. exhibit is the Region Challenge, designed to encourage dialogue amongst local stakeholders and potentially initiate neighborhood-specific policy.

The inaugural exhibit opened last November at the Chicago Architecture Foundation in conjunction with USGBC’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, and will continue to tour the U.S. following its stop in the District. To learn more about the exhibit, on display until April 21, 2011, visit the USGBC website.