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Solutia’s LLumar Decorative Window Films


Solutia’s LLumar decorative window films

Solutia’s LLumar decorative window films provide unique design solutions at a fraction of the price of other glass products. The line includes films in four categories: frosts, patterns, textures and specialties. These designs are closely aligned with decorative glazing trends, and the inherent flexibility of window films will appeal to architects and designers wanting to enhance their creative choices. Frosted and translucent finishes ensure privacy without sacrificing natural light, and colors and patterns shield private spaces while making a bold design statement, resulting in nearly limitless options for design solutions.

LLumar decorative window film is a highly versatile solution for commercial properties and leased spaces where tenant turnover can require frequent updates. It is a semi-permanent product that is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free, yet can be quickly removed, making it a cost-effective alternative to installing designed or etched glass.