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Perspective Design Journal Gets New Editorial Team


IIDA perspective

CHICAGO—The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is pleased to announce a new editor-in-chief and advertising team for its award winning design journal, Perspective. For more than 20 years, Perspective has provided a vantage point and a voice for the design industry. The new team, well established in the design community, are positioned to bring deeper understanding and insight to an evolving industry.

Leading the editorial team, writer Jan Lakin joins the IIDA staff editorial committee as editor-in-chief. Lakin is an experienced writer on topics of architecture, design, sustainability and urban planning, and has worked as a communications professional in the design industry for more than 13 years. She has written articles for many industry publications, including Contract, Urban Land, Gensler’s Dialogue and numerous trade magazines. Previously, Jan spent seven years directing the media relations team at Gensler.

Susan Merrell has been named art director for Perspective. Merrell is a partner at Guillin+Merrell and is well versed in the world of Interior Design. Her previous projects include a new identity for an archaeology center in San Francisco, an identity program for a museum in Connecticut and the exhibition graphics for its permanent History Gallery. She also has created print and environmental design for Gensler.   

“We are thrilled to take Perspective to a new, deeper level with the addition of Jan and Susan leading the way,” says Cheryl Durst, executive vice president and CEO, IIDA. “Jan’s immersion in the design community opens the possibilities to explore in-depth the issues and concerns designers are facing around the world.  As we grow globally and our interests become more intricate, we are confident we have a team in place to best acknowledge and address these sophisticated matters.”

Nielsen Custom Media, led by publishing executive John Rouse, will produce the biannual Perspective, with issues in May and November each year. A new digital version will also be available via email for dual members overseas and North American members who prefer this sustainable option. 

For more information about Perspective, please visit the IIDA's website.