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Congress Recognizes U.S. Hardwoods


PITTSBURGH – For more than a decade, the Hardwood Council has proclaimed the excellence and superiority of products made from U.S. hardwoods.  Few building materials possess the overall environmental attributes of this magnificent resource and at long last, our government concurs.

The Hardwood Council recently announced that with the recent passage of Senate Resolution 411 and House Resolution 81, the U.S. hardwood industry and U.S. hardwood products have received Congress’ recognition, stamp of approval and full endorsement. 

While both resolutions can be reviewed in their entirety at, the following includes significant text from Senate Resolution 411:

  • Whereas hardwood trees grown in the United States are an abundant, sustainable and legal resource, as documented annually by the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program of the Forest Service;
  • Whereas, despite development pressure and cropland needs, Department of Agriculture data show that the inventory of United States hardwood has more than doubled over the past 50 years;
  • Whereas the Department of Agriculture reports that annual United States hardwood growth exceeds hardwood removals by a significant margin of 1.9 to 1, and net annual growth has exceeded removals continuously since 1952;
  • Whereas the World Bank ranks the United States in the top 10 percent of all countries for government effectiveness, regulatory quality, and rule of law with respect to hardwood resources;
  • Whereas United States hardwoods are net absorbers of carbon and are widely recognized to be critical to reducing the United States carbon footprint;
  • Whereas United States hardwoods are a renewable resource and biobased material;
  • Whereas United States hardwoods are recyclable and hardwoods used in construction can often be restored and reused in later construction;
  • Whereas United States hardwoods and the products derived from United States hardwoods are prized throughout the world as a superior and long-lasting building material. 

Therefore, it is resolved, that the Senate:

  1. recognizes that United States hardwoods are an abundant, sustainable and legal resource under United States law; and
  2. urges that United States hardwoods and products derived from United States hardwoods should be given full consideration in any program to promote construction of environmentally preferable commercial, public, or private buildings.

This milestone legislation puts to rest any and all concern regarding U.S. hardwoods. It not only recognizes hardwoods to be ever renewing, abundant, and sustainable—the quintessential “green” material but also that the products made from U.S. hardwoods are environmentally preferable and indeed the gold standard. 

Founded in 1993, the Hardwood Council is a hardwood industry coalition interested in promoting the increased use of North American hardwood flooring, paneling, furniture, cabinetry and decorative millwork to all design/build professionals and students. Visit to learn more.