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GBCI Celebrates 10,000 LEED Green Associates


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Sustainable Solutions
By Steve Revnew

Amid the growing customer demand for green design solutions, it is important that trade professionals understand the standards and future regulation changes for achieving green building certifications. When it comes to meeting those standards with paints and coatings, guidelines on indoor air quality are important to follow. The good news is that paints low in odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can help meet these indoor air requirements.

To be classified or marketed as low VOC paint, government organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), require …

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GBCI Celebrates 10,000 LEED Green Associates
The Green Building Certification Institute announced that it has awarded the LEED Green Associate credential—which is considered a preeminent designation for professionals who support the green building industry—to more than 10,000 individuals.
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Impact of Recession on Design Firms Hard to Measure
In the last two years, countless A/E firm have perished during the deep recession; however, experts agree, no one seems to know exactly how many, according to The Zweig Letter.
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buildingSMART Alliance Seeks Industry Input on National BIM Standard
The Alliance—which is both a Council of the National Institute of Building Sciences and the North American Chapter of buildingSMART International—recently began the development process for Version 2 of the U.S. National Building Information Modeling Standard.
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Study Reveals Decibel Levels Too High at Typical Hospital
A recent landmark study by The Center for Health Design includes findings and recommendations for designing hospital settings as well as protocols for reducing or eliminating noise—helping patients sleep better and thus aiding in their recovery.
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August 24, 2010

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