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NeoCon Wrap-Up


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CARVART's new Organics line includes the Lace pattern. All of CARVART's laces are natural silk-based fabrics that have been embroidered to create this beautiful collection. To make it truly unique, the collection can be laminated with color, different translucencies and reflective options.


Creating informal meeting spaces with a sophisticated design, Nucraft's new Arena is not only an architectural focal point, but a venue where people converse and exchange ideas. Designed by Mark Goetz, Arena naturally fits into open areas as a gathering space for informal meetings.

Inspired by city infrastructure and the cultural melting pot, Parterre's FusedToo Collection mixes concrete, steel, wood, and other textures to create high style, high durability luxury vinyl flooring. Whether it's the natural, worn look of leather, or more high-tech, graphic patterns, FusedToo is commercial flooring that offers an artistic culmination of color, design and texture.

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Steelcase introduces node, an active learning classroom solution. Based on extensive ethnographic research, node includes a variety of features to support the new ways students are learning. Node's large worksurface supports laptops and additional mobile devices, along with a variety of textbooks and notebooks. It's fully adjustable and articulates to provide comfort and to accommodate both right- and left-handed students equally. When used in groups, it merges with other chairs to create a group table dynamic.

Designed by Jane Wicks, cf stinson's new Jazz Collection features seven dynamic patterns inspired by the nuanced elegance of the American jazz genre. Like the many variations of jazz music, the patterns in this collection range from mellow classics to playful organics to syncopated geometrics. The collection is manufactured with 100 percent Eco-Intelligent post-consumer recycled polyester, and features the revolutionary Agion bi-component silver/copper ion active antimicrobial extruded into the fibers.


Based on contemporary lines, Andreu World's "Nanda" model offers a new take on the monocoque seat. Light and enveloping, Nanda is manufactured from injected polyurethane. While it is suitable for situations of heavy use, its resistance and robustness do not rest from the comfort afforded by its studied ergonomics or the warmth of its finishes.

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Tai Ping's Innuendo, the company's latest all wool luxury carpet tile collection, finds inspiration in one of the most influential film movements of the 20th century: Film Noir. Aptly named for the dark undertones of its subject matter, Film Noir productions cultivated drama and suspense through the manipulation of light, shadow and perspective. It was this subtle yet evocative cinematography—the skillful use of light and dark—that inspired Tai Ping designers.


Vein cut green onyx and vein cut white onyx are among the new show-stopping materials offered from Stone Source. Veins run through the material, giving these stones a linear look while showing off their translucency. These decorative onyx materials are available in polished three-quarter-inch slabs and can be used for interior walls and counters. 

INVISTA introduces Antron Lumena solution dyed nylon with TruBlend fiber technology—the first carpet fiber to combine recycled and renewable content in a single fiber offering. This new product combines a total of up to 25 percent pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content with up to 5 percent biobased content derived from castor beans, a high-yield and renewable resource.

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Zia•Priven's Solano chandelier contains 26 mouth-blown glass pendants that hang from handmade brass ferrules and decorative round chains. Offered in a standard bronze finish (shown), Solano is also available in natural, satin or burnished brass, as well as polished and satin nickel.

Herman Miller Healthcare navigates a new category of modular furniture with the introduction of its Compass System. The result of an ongoing collaboration between Herman Miller and Continuum, Compass revolutionizes how designers and end-users address the constant state of change in health care spaces—all while providing a consistently superior experience for patients, families and staff.


The Artisan Collection from Pallas Textiles features products inspired by the beauty and sophistication of handcrafting techniques. With a striking hand-painted quality, a meticulously metered geometric, and the richness of handwoven texture, Artisan is a fully functional textile solution ideal for a wide range of health care, business, government, and education environments.

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Energized design for health care, inspired by the motivation and exhilaration of the spa experience, Breathe from Patcraft was created to convey a visual posture of relaxation. Three patterns incorporating Solution Q Extreme fiber and Ecoworx backing inform a sense of serenity through subtle, refined colorations and patterning. Breathe uses elegant design to soothe the mind, body and spirit.


Bamboo Basics by USFContract is a strand woven bamboo collection that transforms one of nature's easily renewable and sustainable resources into beautiful and durable flooring. GREENGUARD-certified, Bamboo Basics is available in five styles: Natural, Spice, Tiger, horizontal Corboo Spice, and vertical Corboo Spice—a unique strand woven hybrid floor that infuses seams of cork into the strands of bamboo.

Mannington introduces Undercurrent, a piece dye collection available in both broadloom and modular. After developing the pattern, Mannington invited the more than 10,000 members of its tx:style online design community to name the collection. Undercurrent, suggesting the interplay between the surface and background, as well as the dynamic movement of the patterns, was developed to suit the needs of commercial projects—particularly higher education, corporate, retail, and health care installations.

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Coalesse introduces SW_1, a comprehensive new conferencing collection for the creative class. Designed by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, SW_1 is a clear alternative to the generic conference room. It's designed to enhance social connectivity, help foster collaboration, and provide participants the freedom to change postures and positions while remaining entirely engaged in their meetings.

BBF (Bush Business Furniture) introduces two new modular desking and storage furniture solutions: Sector and Momentum. Sector (featured here) and Momentum offer a unique product range that "fits" into multiple business organizations and professional settings that require innovative, value-focused furniture solutions. Both collections are designed to meet the needs of evolving office environments and contemporary work styles. The products offer enhanced communication, collaboration and cost control features, with the ability to easily adapt to the modern office's changing needs.


Centiva introduces Atlantis as an addition to its Contour Series. The Atlantis design has been reinvented with new color additions. Joining Atlantis Beige and Atlantis Bone (formerly Atlantis), are four new colorations: Atlantis Metal, Atlantis Brown, Atlantis Blue, and Atlantis Gray. This highly innovative design features a washed concrete look in a linear format.

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From smart phones and PDAs to LED TVs and tablet computers, technology permeates every aspect of our lives—and now, even the carpet beneath our feet. Lees Carpets captures this "sensory overload" in Digital Infusion, a modular collection defined by its disproportionate designs and distinct blends of color. Intersecting design with technology, Digital Infusion translates modern culture into three imprecise, asymmetrical patterns: Data Overload, Integrated Circuit and MicroStream.


Johnsonite introduces Space, a modular resilient flooring system that helps balance function with aesthetics, and sustainability with efficiency. Space offers an array of patterns and applications to complete any environment. From stunning textile patterns for high-end offices and reception areas, to rich wood patterns for office and administration areas, to warm leather patterns, Space enables designers to create the most luxurious of spaces.

The front of Bretford's new RHOMBII lectern supports a 42- to 50-inch flat panel monitor, allowing for the display of logos and graphics to engage, add interest, and help students, professionals and other audiences retain the information being delivered. Ideal for lecture halls, auditoriums, conference rooms or anywhere that someone might speak to a group, the lectern is also available with a solid wood panel on the front.

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Gary Lee Studios announces the introduction of PROXIMUS by HALCON. PROXIMUS is an architecturally inspired furniture solution that departs from long held assumptions about the office and its organization. The collection shifts the paradigm on how casegoods can support professionals in today's multi-tasking, multi-generational, technology dominated office environments.

Villa, Kimball Office's newest lounge series, complements the way people work by integrating comfort, functionality, style, and simple design. The clean lines and geometric shapes allow the multi-faceted series to provide innovative design opportunities for universities, health care facilities, government agencies, open plans, reception areas, lobbies, and team-oriented companies.


The Affinity Collection marks the inception of the new recycled content wall covering category for Designtex. Part of this collection, Comingle (featured), is a soft and organic design that was inspired by a piece of artwork showing small coins placed against wisps of metallic threads. Throughout the pattern, different levels of pearl have been applied to the coins for added depth and a playful movement.

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