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Design Firm to Offer Free Creative Services


SAN FRANCISCO /PRNewswire/ – LARIMER + BERNHEIM, a design partnership based in the San Francisco Bay area, is launching an exciting competition called "FREE," which is an invitation to individuals, small businesses, and communities to submit projects for no-cost design services.

With current economic issues in mind, the award-winning artists of LARIMER + BERNHEIM conceived of the competition as a way to give back and share their design philosophy of bringing meaningful design into everyday settings. Known for creating intimate spaces, objects, and environments, the design duo sees the competition as a way to extend their work in a unique and creative way.

"Our hope is to inspire people to consider areas of their life, work, and play that could benefit from thoughtful design," explains LARIMER + BERNHEIM principle partner, Amy Larimer. "We believe design plays an important role in how we go about living our lives each day. We are excited to collaborate with like-minded people to create projects that have a lasting impact."

Inviting Challenges as Well as Opportunities to Grow and Innovate
The FREE competition represents not only the chance for LARIMER + BERNHEIM to offer design services without cost, it also creates an opportunity for the partners to review a variety of compelling projects and take on bold and innovative new work.

"Tough times make it easy to be complacent and take work when and where it comes; as a partnership, we are committed to the act of making and bringing well-crafted objects into this world," says Peter Bernheim, LARIMER + BERNHEIM principle partner. "In our work, we value relationships—with people, places, and materials. For us, a project is the building and nurturing of these understandings and FREE represents an opportunity to share these values."

The hope is that FREE inspires others to think beyond the boundaries of their current environment, and to seek opportunities for relevant, efficient, and sensitive design solutions.

Interested parties should visit to see submission details for the FREE design competition. FREE submissions will be accepted at this site from June 8 through July 31, 2010. The design team will review all qualifying submissions in August and announce a winning project at the FREE Web site in September 2010.

LARIMER + BERNHEIM is a creative partnership dedicated to design. Our projects and interests focus on the dialogue between art and architecture. We believe in the importance of great design and strive to bring this to each client and experience. Contact LARIMER + BERNHEIM by e-mailing the designers:, and visit to learn more about the work and design philosophy of LARIMER + BERNHEIM.